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Metabolism Out Of Control?!


The weirdest thing, normally I take a breakfast of 2 scoops Grow! and various fruits. Sufficed for me and never felt the need to change.

Last week all of the sudden I was sitting in class and my stomach began growling like crazy. Sitting between two hotties you could imagine my shamefulness.

So I switched to what I used in earlier days, Kellogg's All-Bran Plus. 29gr of fibre, 45gr carbs of which about 20 sugar.
Still kept my 2 scoops of Grow! of course but to my surprise the problem still isn't solved. I eat that bowl of breakfast about one and an half hour before class but when I arrive at the university I can already feel my stomach asking for more.

What can I do about this? I never had this problem before and now for almost a straight week I have been experiencing this. I eat about 5 or 6 meals a day. I'm an easy fatgainer so I try to keep all my carbs at breakfast and pwo.

Any advise?


Dump the sugar cerial and use old fashioned oatmeal or steel-cut oats.


hmmm I thought All-Bran Plus was one of the few cereals acceptable for breakfast.

Damn oatmeal, still haven't found a way to finish a bowl and actually enjoying it. Well, simply downing it would be satisfactory to me but I still can't manage even that :frowning:

Maybe good to add, I also have these strange hunger pains right after a meal sometimes. Like 30-45 minutes after I finish a pretty solid meal I get these aches and I'm like "how can I be hungry right now?


For God's sake eat some fat with your breakfast. Try mine, 5 whole eggs, 2 pieces of toast, followed by a banana with a shitload of natural peanut butter. Guaranteed to fill you up for a good 3 hours.

(Oh yeah forgot to mention some flax in orange juice before you kick things off with the eggs. This way you get all your fats covered in one meal)


5 whole eggs, do you know how much cholesterol that is? Bananas have way too much sugar and i can't get a decent natty PB around here.

I do take fish oil caps with my breakfast.


Oh NO!!! And here I am eating 10 whole eggs.


Dietary cholesterol is not a big problem, more than half of it passes directly through your system because eggs contain lecithen. Also, cholesterol itself is not as big a risk factor for heart disease as the pharmaceutical companies would have you believe. But you can learn about that some other time.

Bottom line is if you want to feel full, you should eat a significant amount of fat with your breakfast.


Mash up a banana and mix that and raisins into your oatmeal. The banana adds some flavor and the raisins give you something to chew. I'm with the other guys, breakfast means eggs.


Just a question here but maybe the growlings and stomach pain is not hunger? Maybe you're having a little trouble digesting what you ate? Problems with dairy?


I like Old fashion Oats, with blue berries and a scoop of Cottage Cheese. It may not sound good, but if you do it right the cottage cheese tastes like ice cream. It is one of my favorite meals.


Stop whining and take the advise these guys are giving you. The last thing you need to worry about are eggs or bananas. Geez, you been eating processed cerial with 20 grams of sugar and you're worried about a damn banana.


I mix 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup FF milk, handful of walnuts, scoop of whey and a banana. Nuke and you're good to go. Yummy. It does combine protein, carbs and fats. Is that bad? It doesn't follow the P + F or P + C rule.


Thanks for the explanation, I'll try out your breakfast plan tomorrow morning. Thanks!

No problems with dairy, I never take Grow! with milk, just water. I switched to the cereals (with milk) after the problem began.

Well excuse me for asking questions mr. King


No problem.

Here's the study done on eggs and lecithin (aka phosphatidylcholine) if you want to take a look.



Cholesterol is used to make TESTOSTERONE. Don't forget the 2 hotties.



Excellent, now I can quit scooping out the yolk and just enjoy the whole egg :slight_smile:

Can you imagine on how many subjects the general Joe Schmoe is misinformed? Unbelievable.


Thanks for the info.


Ha, I don't need imagination for that, there's a thread every two weeks where someone's asking: "How many eggs can I eat without dying? Half of one?"


Well CaptainLogic, I must thank you for your meal plan. I got through the entire first hour of college without a problem, had a slice of bread with 100gr of beef in the break, followed with another hour of college and another slice of bread with 100gr beef in the second break.

My stomach did feel funny all the time but no growling so far. Can't wait till my Grow! bars arrive, they're so easy to take to class and snack on when you feel hungry


The important thing is......did the hotties notice that your stomach wasn't growling?????? Are you making any progress....with the hotties, not your diet. Focus on what's important in life.