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Metabolism Concerns?

I’m just curious, my diet use to be good, I ate like 2500-3000cals. For the last 2 month or so though I’ve been caught up in other stuff and my diet has sucked, I have been eating like 1500-2000 cals a day.

I plan to start back up and eat 3000 calories, the difference will be though is that my new diet will be low on carbs. Is it ok to jump back to 3K cals or is this gonna cause a problem with my metabolism or somthing?

If you’re concerned you’ll start packing fat on, increase by 500cals a week until you hit 3k.

not fat, idk what it is. Like, I heard jumping calories is a bad thing for ur metabolism, it’ll like shock it or somthing. idk, if its not a problem I’m just gonna start eating those 3000cals.

The only problem with jumping too much too quickly (for some people) is that their metabolism has slowed down from under eating for too long. If thats the case, then upping the cals too quickly would leave a large calorie surplus (because of the “effecient” metabolism).

elusive said it right. Many will have problems gaining fat right away. Others however, especially after an extreme cut (like after a contest), they will rebound and their muscles will “soak” up all of the nutrients.