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Metabolism and longevity

forgive me if this question was already discussed - I was unable to find anything on it. So, is it true that increasing the speed of your metabolism shortens your lifespan? I do not want to compare slow- vs. fast-metabolism animals (slow-metabolism live longer), because they live according their metabolism but not change it. I do not want to hear arguments like “I better have quality 80 years vs. slow dying at 120 years”. Wait until you’re 79, then we’ll talk again :slight_smile: Recently I’ve seen here an interesting discussion regarding optimal food intake (3 times vs 5-6 times a day). It seems frequent meals tax your system and thus promote ill health. I think that every kind of system (i.e. body) overuse is potentially harmful in a long run. Again, frequent meals speed up metabolism, right? Then, starving yourself for the sake of life extension (slowing down the metabolism) is not too attractive for us.

So, how can we enjoy our iron game, good health and active longevity? Any supplements? Diets? Optimal training? Please share your thoughts.

There are a few doctors who I have heard say this is true. There’s something called Caloric Restriction on Optimum Nutrition (I believe), and Dr. Ron Rosedale talks about this as well. The real determinant of life span in animals is insulin. It’s been known for over 30yrs that elevated insulin levels in animals shortens your lifespan, and I believe a high calorie diet has the same effects (probably partly to do with high calorie meals stimulating insulin production). There’s even studies being done in apes showing the same effects of a shortened life from elevated insulin levels. Also, digesting food is very taxing on the body, which is why I focus on eating 1-2 meals a day, tops, which is low in carbs to minimize insulin secretion.