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Metabolism and Diet After Total Thyroid Removal

I had a total thyroidectomy in 2018, and ever since then I have struggled with losing weight as my metabolism has been affected by having no thyroid. I am on a high dose of synthroid, however I still feel sluggish and exhausted a lot of the time. Has anyone in here had the same experience after having their thyroid removed and any tips on how to lose the unwanted weight?

What advice did your doctor give you? Have you contacted a clinical dietician? How about an endocrinologist?

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My whole thyroid journey has been with an endocrinologist, and all he does is monitor blood levels and prescribe meds (which he has me on a high dose), he is also my TRT doctor. I have not seen a dietician, but have reached out to some “experts” in the field and they only really had advice for those who were hypo as opposed to any who have had theirs removed altogether.

What are your thyroid levels currently while on synthroid?

I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but they were high, in the hyper range and above the normal range for thyroid function. i was hyperthyroid with goiter before the removal.