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Metabolism and Activity Level

As everyone knows, metabolism rate is different for each individual but I feel mine may be extra high.

I started a clean mass gaining diet after I reached 9% body fat about a month ago. Since then I have put on one pound. It took me a whole month to find where my maintenance caloric intake should be. I have to take in 4,000kcal to MAINTAIN my lean body mass.

My activity I would consider pretty high. I work as a busser at a restaurant three nights a week and work my ass off loading and running tray after tray and hoisting around trash cans for about 5-6 hours each shift. My other job as a tech at a hospital is fairly inactive.

My training is the gut busting Bill Starr - Glend Pendlay 5 x 5 periodized program which I see great results with and love as push my strength up weekly. Each training session lasts about 90 minutes total including warm-ups and stretching. I don’t even think about doing cardio.

My question is, do you all think the extra activity from work or outside of the gym in general is going to affect my mass gains in a negative way? Or, would simply eating more balance things out. I will be taking in about 4,250kcal per day to be gaining quality mass at 5’10 165lbs 9% bf.

Thanks all.