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Metabolic Stress Focused Leg Workout

Just trying to maintain legs while focusing on the upper body without doing any lower back intensive movements in order to keep systemic fatigue low.
Thoughts on this leg workout:
A1. Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls: 4XAMRAP
A2. Nordic Hamstring Curl: 4XAMRAP
B1. Leg Extension: 4X15-20
B2. Sissy Squat: 4XAMRAP
C. Seated Calf Raise: 3X10 + 10 sec hold + 10 sec stretch X3 (so 30 reps per set)

I would probably go Nordic -> Swiss ball curls and sissy squats -> leg extension, but either way what you have written will be at least somewhat effective

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Nordic curls are super tough on the hams - I very much like the idea of warming them up properly with Swiss ball curls beforehand. Same thing with leg extensions and sissy squats.

Personally, I’m not sure I’d call 4 amrap’s with those warming up.

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Yeah, I’d definitely change the amraps to 4x10-15 along with the sissy squats, but I’m a big fan of pre exhaust, and Nordic curls/sissy squats can be pretty risky exercises.

I’d also change the sissy squats to hack squats or leg presses, but that’s just me.

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If I wanted to hit the legs, not stress the lower back, and minimize fatigue, sled drags/prowler pushes would factor heavily into my equation.

Concentric only movement, minimal lower back load. Walk backwards murders the quads.

Belt squat are also top notch.


You should tie off your legs with mini tourniquets and try Blood Flow Restricted, Occlusion training.

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Actually that’s a great point, my bad

Not your bad - doing isolation exercises after heavy compound exercises is conventional wisdom for a good reason. I just consider those two exercises to be particularly dicey. I definitely enjoy and appreciate your input though, so no reason to apologize.

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Was doing this a lot (well, dragging a tire with chains around the parking lot) after my knees surgeries and I can attest they burn like hell

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Totally agreed, I’ve used them for both hammie and quad rehab

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