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Metabolic slowdown

We all know that being on a calorie-restrictive diet can decrease your metabolism causing you to gain back any losses you may have made on the diet as soon as you increase your calories again. But my question is, is it possible to counter that effect by taking stimulants, ephdrine, ECA’s, etc, while on the diet? In other words, will those supplements protect you from damaging your metabolic rate while dieting?

An E/C product will not prevent the “rebound” effect when normal eating resumes after severe calorie restrictions.
Furthermore, if you are thinking about any degree of calorie restrictions without exercising, then once you increase calories, you are bound to see a rebound effect regardless of whether you use an E/C product or not.
However, if you are talking about a slight reduction in total calories using a balanced and responsible nutritional scheme while increasing physical activity, then once you resume normal eating patterns, the rebound effect should be minimal to non-existent provided you keep exercising. In this instance, an E/C product could be used to accelerate the rate of weight loss.

If you do things with an intellegent approach, eating more can actually accelerate the rate of fat loss. I recently submitted an article on this very subject, which I hope becomes available to readers soon.