Metabolic Resistance

I am flustered right now. All of my bulking phases have done okay. However, I cannot not get cut without losing a ton of muscle. Is this some sort of metabolic resistance to losing fat? If so, I am considering staying natural except for cutting, where I’ll probably use Primo or something. Any advice would be appreciated.

There are some people who have a heck of a time losing any amount of fat without also losing muscle. Most of them are genuine hardgainers and have a hard enough time gaining the muscle to begin with. For most people the problem probably lies in the diet…trying to lose fat too quickly. You could try some type of anabolic with good results but you could also try messing around with your diet and see what type of diet allows you to maintain your muscle while shedding the fat.

How much fat are you planning on losing? What kind of timetable are looking at to lose this fat?