Metabolic Rate - Body Temp Question?

There have been many posts regarding low body temps due to thyroid disfunction so I started thinking…

Would I be somewhat correct in my assumption that for every degree of body temp lower than ideal that we leave a lot of calories on the table so to speak?

Would this formula be somewhat correct as general rule of thumb?
Body Weight in Kg = BW
Degrees of waking basal body temp less than ideal= TD
Calories burned deficit= CD

In my case my TD is 2.3. My BW is 105.9. Does that mean I burn 243 calories per day less than someone with identical mass and an ideal body temp?

I do realize that there are many variables that would alter the basic calorie formula, but I’m, figuring that our bodies are supposedly 61% water and the other materials aren’t too far from the same density.

Yes, free T3 levels are a major determinant of metabolic rates and hypothyroidism leads to fat gain. Note that we should refer to functional fT3 levels, acknowledging that fT3 and rT3 determine the functional fT3 level.

Low functional fT3 levels affect many systems in the body, lots of things go wrong, perhaps in subtle confounding ways.

Restoring normal functional fT3 levels will increase body temp and heat loss will increase and metabolic rate will need to meet those demand.

“functional fT3” is something that I came up with as part of my understanding how rT3 changes everything. Note that the term “functional fT3” does not currently exist in Google search results in a thyroid or health context.

Other things control metabolic rate, steroid hormones [including vit-D25], GH, cell wall permeability, CoQ10 levels/deficits, nutrients/diet, activity, mood, cortisol levels, stress, insulin resistance, comorbidities, drugs [Rx and OTC], gut flora.

if you boost T3, but don’t have enough cortisol then your system will crash.
per Chillin on another site T3 gets the credit for what T3 + cortisol do together.