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Metabolic Profiling

Hi Guys
The gym I work for has been approached by a company who performs metabolic profiling; here’s the website -www.breathe-pt.com

I am very skeptical about their claims but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it.

Thanks for any help

At first glance it just seems unnecessary and overly complicated.

I generally learn enough about my own body by just working out and listening to what it’s telling me.

I’ve gotten in a lot better touch with my body as my experience continues.

My 2 cents.

EDIT: Basically I think it’s just a way to make extra cash, if they give you and your gym a nice cut it might be worth your time.

Hi Ghost
I’m really lucky where I work as in I have a big say in what services we offer in the gym. I might sound a bit fundemental here but I’m not going to offer something because it might make us money in the short term.

I will only recommend exercises or services that I believe will work and our members appreciate this.

Thanks for your feedback.