Metabolic Pairings

Hey guys,

Anyone here utilise Metabolic pairings, written by CT?

I smash ALOT of fat off/improve conditioning dramatically.

I will take time off it though and try different routines every 6 odd weeks, but these are prob my favourite for my lactic acid work.


I actually just utilized them today. I thought that they were really effective at least for conditioning. They seem like a great option to do and on the level of complexes for me.

Are you only doing them and nothing else? How is your week to week looking like?

Hey View,

When I carried them out, I did 2 sessions per week and 3 Heavy sessions per week. Great to fat loss and muscle gain/maintanence.

This was my schedule, which I am moving back toward soon:

Day 1: Chest/Back - Heavy
Day 2: Metabolic pairings
Day 3: Off
Day 4: Legs/Delts - Heavy
Day 5: Arms - Heavy
Day 6: Metabolic Pairings
Day 7: Off