Metabolic Makeover Questions

Hello, I need some practical advice.
Background: Over the course of my life I have experienced weight loss, weight gains, etc.

When I was 27, I lost around 90 lbs through running and starvation, and becoming vegetarian. I am now 34. I am 6’5, and weight a hair under 220, and I want to be around 200-205. I run, do bodyweight exercises, jump rope, run hill sprints pretty regularly (4-6 times a week).

I have cleaned up my diet some over the past few weeks. I do feel better. But my weight loss isn’t where I want it to be. The more reading I did about lifting lead me to think I should be lifting more than doing what I have been doing, to increase my metabolism and to have a longer "afterburn, which.

I had a buddy who was about my exact proportions, who lifted 4-5 times a week, did minimal cardio, and was the weight I want to be (ranged slightly between 200-207). I know everyone is different, and people’s blood chemistry is different But that’s what I want. I want to invest 40-45 mins total to working out and get the MAXIMUM in return, ie increased metabolism, and a STEADY weight, not 215 one day, 223 the next if possible.

So for the questions: 1. Am I on the right track in terms of thinking about weight training for someone with my weight goal, body size, etc?
2. Where can I find a beginner program if I am on the right track?
3. Can I increase my metabolism and drop these 15 lbs or so with weights?

Thanks for any and all feedback,