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Metabolic Drive: Vanilla


Just bought some to go along with my chocolate supply. Just wondering if this stuff has an after taste like the chocolate kind?


I guess you'll find out in a few days :slight_smile:


There is no after taste to me.

I think some people need to go back 15 years and taste the protein shakes us 'old' guys used to have to drink. Then you'd flip out at how good Metabolic Drive tastes.


Personally, I think Vanilla is the worst of the bunch. Chocolate is slightly better, but Strawberry rocks my world.


I like all the flavors, but vanilla is on the bottom of my list. It's possible that this is because I stocked up on it right before doing the velocity diet...


the Banana and orange are my 2 faves, followed by vanilla, choc and lastly strawberry...

but ALL are better than eating tuna fish or gaging on whey


I dont have many shakes so I like vanilla. It makes an excellent addition to kefir, yogurt, oats, homemade protein bars etc.

It adds a nice background flavor to whatever fruit of nut butter I add without overpowering it.


I get mostly vanilla because it's versatile - you can add different fruits to it, add it to oatmeal, add cinnomon etc.

But the banana cream in my current favorite. Not wild about the orange cream though. Good for breakfast sometimes when you don't feel like something dessert-like such as chocolate, I guess.


orange cream is good in the summer. try it w/ some tangerines, lots of ice, and pelligrino.


I can't do the strawberry, Drank a whole tub and I just couldnt do it anymore. It has very artificial taste and it almost burns going down. Vanilla is right up there with chocolate for me.


Vanilla is the best, IMO. Chocolate is also very good. But there are a lot of chocolate protein shakes that taste pretty good. Never tasted a vanilla one even close to Metabolic Drive. It's sweet and incredibly delicious.


I'm a big fan of the vanilla flavor, but I find the orange to be tolerable.



It really stands out as the worst of the lot but I find it's great mixed 50/50 with chocolate or 1/3 strawberrry 2/3 vanilla. Really takes the edge off it. Also love choc-orange & choc-banana too.