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Some of you who've ordered Low-Carb Metabolic Drive over the last few days may have noticed something seemingly odd.

There appears to be less protein in each tub.

Here's what's going on:

We switched manufacturers and while doing so, tweaked the formula a bit to incorporate superior proteins.

HOWEVER, when you first open the tub, it looks like there isn't as much product in the tub.

It's true, there's a little less protein in each tub, but it's a temporary problem.

The new filling line being used apparently can't fill bottles as high as our previous manufacturer could, and as a result we decreased the number of servings per bottle to approximately 27.

Also, the proteins in the new formula are of higher quality and appear to settle more than what we got from the previous manufacturer. (I reccommend actually turning the tub upside down and then rightside up to infuse it with air, thus giving it the same density and volume as the previous version of Low-Carb Metabolic Drive.)

We also used a larger bottle on the initial run due to the line limitation on filling height to make sure we didn't have a problem packaging the product. The last thing we wanted to do is slow production when these products have been out of stock for so long.

Tim and I want you to know we're working toward going back to the previous bottle and will attempt to increase the quantity per bottle as well.

To make this even more confusing, we only shipped the new version of Metabolic Drive Low-Carb for a couple of days before going back to shipping product from the old company!

So, only a limited number of customer have received the new version. We did this because the new version arrived a few days prior to our last shipment from the previous company.

Clear as a glass of Low-Carb Metabolic Drive mixed with blueberries? I thought so.

In any event, I PROMISE you that we're not trying to hose anybody.

As always, feel free to insult me and question my parentage on this thread.


you know... I got about 3/4 of the way done with this post and then the new Powerful Image started to fill the screen.

So whatever it was you were talking about, It's cool man... It's cool.


I honestly do appreciate your clearing that up.


Why did you guys change the formula?


TC wrote:

"We switched manufacturers and while doing so, [b]tweaked the formula a bit to incorporate superior proteins.[b]"


we were shaking our fist yesterday after recieving the order, but noticed that there is no more calcium caseinate, thus i assume more micellar casein?

PS customs on both sides of the border is tight thanks to some wannabe terrorists in ontario, they actually opened one of our Metabolic Drive tins


Damn, it does say 27 servings. I would never thought to check for that.


I must say that after a few servings of the new formula, the taste is better than the previous version. I have vanilla and it now mixes easily with a spoon and has a thinner consistency. I think it is an improvment. Are the other flavors getting a redo as well?


I noticed that as soon as I got my tub and thought you guys were just getting cheap on me. =D


Good thing I bought 12. Will they be collectors items soon? LOL.

It does smell different (richer?) and it does have a smoother, creamier taste and texture in your mouth. I like it FWIW.


I noticed the taste change right away. Much better!


Mod Brian said in another thread that the micellar casein content has not changed.


what flavors were affected.

what flavors are you guys talking about. the bottle still says 28 servings for bananna and strawberry.

i think you can tell which kind you got if the seal under the cap is different. at least for the Metabolic Drive Complete it was.


Are we going to get answers? I still feel cheated. Seriously


What do you feel cheated about? Is it because of the reduced servings per bottle? If that is the case TC said it was a temporary manufacturing issue. The new taste is great...different, but still great.


The new taste is great? So are you going to make that desicion for me? I placed an order and got a diffrent product then was advertised. Then 3 days later you go back to the old formula?

Also the protein mixture has changed. Superior Proteins???? How about throwing in shome cheap whey protein, taking out the calcium cassinate.

And BTW to me and others, we don't like the new taste and water like consistancy. I am even down to 5-6 oz per scoop. Still like wwatered down chocolate soup.


Whats wrong with calcium casinate?

According to wiki
"It is also used as a dietary supplement by bodybuilders and other atheletes, who ingest it before bed, or with breakfast, instead of after working out, as it breaks down at a slower rate than whey protein, thus supplying the body with a sustained protein release. It is synthesized from dried skim milk, and is very high in Glutamic Acid."

Isn't Low-Carb Metabolic Drive before bed protein anyway?


You are welcome to return unopened bottles for a refund if you are not happy with the new Metabolic Drive Low-Carb Protein Shake, so there is absolutely no reason to feel cheated.


Metabolic Drive Low-Carb Protein Shake is designed to be used any time during the day when you want to increase protein intake.


I didn't "make that decision for you". I told you my opinion, just as you told everyone yours. They didn't "go back to the old formula 3 days later". TC stated that they received their first shipment of the new stuff, and then a few days later received their last shipment of the old formula. Both were shipped out.

I am not sure where you get the idea that "cheap whey protein" was added and calcium casienate was taken out. I am comparing labels between the old and new right now. The first 2 ingredients (Whey protein isolate, micellar casein) remain unchanged. The old formula then contained milk protein isolate and calcium caseinate. The new formula has milk protein concentrate as the final ingredient. Where is the cheap whey?

The bottom line is that products are constantly changed and upgraded. Does it taste the same? No. Is it still thick? No. Some people will like the changes, other people will not. I wasn't crazy about missing out on 5 servings per bottle, but that situation was explained. Other than that, what question has gone unanswered?