Metabolic Drive Sweetness

Day 1 today! Very excited to do this with my husband, I did it about 15 years ago, and loved it. I find the shakes very sweet, is there anything that can be added to cut the sweetness that will stay within the boundaries. I am not doing the superfood as it upsets my stomach.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Do you mean within the boundaries of the V-diet?

Regarding the V-diet, if that’s what you mean by the boundaries, you can try some of the following: cinnamon, nutmeg, instant coffee (decaf in the PM), mint, basil, parsley, a pinch of salt, cayenne added to the chocolate flavor?

I’d probably try cinnamon and a little pinch of salt first, or instant decaf coffee, or a cup of decaf coffee allowed to cool or some combination.

Grated lemon zest would probably be OK too.

Welcome aboard (again)! Lots of good advice above. Also, if you don’t mind a thinner shake, add a bit of extra water or ice.


Yes! Thank you so much! I will certainly give those suggestions a try!

Thank you so much…