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Metabolic Drive, Sucralose, and Pegnancy


My sister was recently diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. She doesn't have a weight problem or history of blood sugar issues, including her last pregnancy two years ago.

For those not familiar with GD, it occurs in around 3% of pregnancies and puts women in a catch 22. Most commonly, diabetics are told to lose weight. Most commonly, pregnant woman are told to gain weight. My sister is not a large woman, has no history of obesity, and maintaining her calories was difficult for her when she didn't have GD and could eat high calorie junk. Now, as my sister begins to clean up her diet, she is struggling to keep her calories high enough. She is also struggling with extreme craving for sweets, a possible side affect of her blood sugar issues and insulin resistance.

I have suggested to her to think about integrating protein shakes and fish oil caps as a carb free snack. Folks on this site know all about trying to have a clean diet and maintain high calorie intake. My sister's concern is she is trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners during pregnancy. Metabolic Drive contains sucralose. This shouldn't be a problem in small doses.

Does anyone know how much sucralose is in MD?
Does anyone know of anything else in MD that might be a problem for a pregnant women?
Does anyone else have any other suggestions for a diabetic trying to gain weight?