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Metabolic Drive Shakes


I just received my first tub of Metabolic Drive SPS and I'm looking for some good tasting recipes. I have the vanilla flavor and I tried my first experimentation this morning with:

1 scoop Metabolic Drive
3 whole frozen strawberries
small handful whole frozen raspberries
small handful frozen blueberries
8 oz water

It was not as good as I was expecting.
I'm considering going back to the drawing board tomorrow with some non-fat vanilla yogurt added in along with the mixed frozen berries. Any suggestions? What does everyone else do?


Shake It Up I & II

Don't worry, the Grow! they are referring to is Metabolic Drive.

There was also a really long forum thread about this, but I can't seem to find it at the moment.


Powerdrive + Orange Metabolic Drive = Delicious and mentally stimulating