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Metabolic Drive Serving Size?


What it is T... i've been reading on this forum for bout 6 months and never posted or anything....just read! but i gotta question. with my Metabolic Drive is a serving a full scoop or till the line just above half-way on the scoop..

the reason i ask is cause i always do a full scoop with 11oz water and it still feels pretty thick and i go thru the jugs like crazy.... thanks in advance


one full scoop.


ight thanks i just wasnt too sure...


Metabolic Drive Chocolate with warm/hot water tastes like Hot Chocolate



LOL i do that with the strawberry and FF milk... that shit is bangin' and you cant beat it while watchin a flick at night


You can always add more water if you prefer your drink thinner.


I do but i was asking cause its seems that when i use half scoop (to the line) i use the recommended amount for the full scoop (8oz) so i was curious as to what was the 20g.... but right now i use 11-12oz for a full scoop and its perfect.