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Metabolic Drive Quality?

hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone has tried or uses Biotest’s Metabolic Drive protein shake, the low carb version. I have used BSN’s Syntha-6 for my whole lifting career and during football seasons. Now that I’m in college though I cant afford it anymore and I want to try something new. Is this the right product and does it have any of the negative side effects of standard protein powder (bloating, upset stomach, etc…)

If it helps Im 6’1’’ 200 lb. and 18 years old.
I take Cellmass creatine by BSN and ZMA as well as a multivatamin and CLA


You are kidding right? Metabolic Drive is one of the highest quality protein powders you can buy, if not the best.

I can guarantee you it’s the best tasting.

I see its your first post so I’m guessing you don’t know much about the site yet…

Biotest makes some very high quality supplements and I would recommend them all except maybe Flameout but thats for different reasons beside quality issues. Yes any product you buy here is extremely high quality and most likely cheaper than other products because they cut the fuckin middle man.

Ill also add if you were getting “negative side effects of standard protein powder (bloating, upset stomach, etc…)” as you stated it was HIGH time to change long ago

Give them a whirl the taste and quality is top notch


Just curious yanksta, why wouldn’t you recommend the Flameout?

thanks, I’ll definantly give it a try. i’ve heard nothing but good things about Biotest.