Metabolic Drive Protein Powder Question

I recently switched over from “run of the mill” protien powders to Metabolic Drive powder and I would like to know if mixing it with something other than water (specifically oat milk) would be detrimental to its benefits, absorption, and etc.
Thanks in advance!

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I find Metabolic Drive mixes perfectly with just water, but you’re good to go mixing it with oat milk (or any other milk) without issue.

One of my favorite Metabolic Drive treats is mixing it with plain Greek yogurt into a pudding-like consistency.

As to oat milk, it is just another food. Should be no problem.`


There are two syrups that are money in the bank… Salted caramel by Jordan’s Skinny Syrups (to go with a vanilla shake plus an espresso shot) and DaVinci’s Cherry syrup (to go with the chocolate shake). Both have zero sugar. One thing that’s helped me to combat all of the sweet stuff, is doing a chocolate shake with the salted caramel syrup.

Both syrups are easy to find on Amazon.

Hope that helps!


Thank you all for your helpful replies! Exactly what I was looking for

Has Biotest considered an unflavored protein powder?

Most of the protein powders I’ve tried have been far too sweet for me, so I’ve used unflavored protein for years.

I couldn’t find any discussion about it via search, so I thought I’d ask.

Made one years ago. No one really bought it, or not enough to keeping making it.

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