Metabolic Drive Protein bar

With my first Biotest purchase I received 1 Metabolic Drive bar to sample.

How are these to be used? A snack? Pre workout energy? It has fats so I assume not PWO. Meal replacement? Satiate a sweet tooth? “If you have nothing else”?

I know it’s just one bar so it’s not a big deal, but if I like it I’ll probably order some more.

It’s food – eat it when you’re hungery.

[quote]ChrisKing wrote:
It’s food – eat it when you’re hungery.[/quote]

Well I am cutting right now… carb cycling and whatnot. Maybe I’ll eat it an hour before I work out since I go from work to the gym, with a 3 hour empty belly. (Lunch at 2, workout at 5)… I’ll eat it at 4pm and watch out for energy increases. (i may have been cheating myself all this time!)