Metabolic Drive or Surge?

I’ve tried search but found nothing to help.

Like anyone on here who hasn’t tried them yer I’m really keen to get stuck into biotests products, however being a student money isn’t great at the min.

Cutting the sob story out what would people buy if the could only afford Metabolic Drive OR surge?

Also does anyone know how many servings are in each?

Thanks on advance, I’m aware it’s a pretty odd question!

You can read the label yourself, it even tells you the portion per container.

They are two different products. Read up on them and find out which best helps you reach your goal. Just get your diet in line before you do anything.

[quote]MAsteve wrote:
Cutting the sob story out what would people buy if the could only afford Metabolic Drive OR Surge?[/quote]
For the most cost-efficient, I’d actually stock up on Grow! whey. You could use it for shakes during the day and also right around training. Surge is meant to spike insulin levels which is great for training, but not great the rest of the day. Metabolic Drive is a combo of different proteins, meant to be slowly digested/absorbed. That’s great for a steady dose of protein during the day, but around workout you want something faster-acting.

I would’ve suggested MAG-10, but it’s probably out of your budget at the moment, which is fine of course. That’d be another super-versatile protein for during the day or peri-workout.

The Biotest store knows. :wink:

Metabolic Drive low carb:
31 one-scoop servings

Surge Recovery:
16 two-scoop servings

Grow! Whey:
29 one-scoop servings

Thanks chris, that’s that’s a great help. I already use a standard whey, and wasn’t sure if it was worth making the change, since I get 71 scoops for the same price.

I was looking for something to use during and after workouts and was just going to use my standard whey during the day.

I’m thinking MD is winning at the min for value and it’s on sale on the UK site…

Thanks for the really helpful post chris

Do you mean Surge Recovery or Surge Workout Fuel? Metabolic Drive low carb or muscle growth?

Either way, assuming your overall nutrition is fine, I would suggest investing more in peri-workout, so go with Surge. At least that’s the way I approach things - control your budget, make sure you eat right and enough day in and day out, then pump the rest of your food budget into peri-workout.

Metabolic Drive, as good as it is, is essentially just a good protein source, so I would imagine the difference between it and regular whey will not be as great as between, say, Surge Workout Fuel and plain dextrose during training.

Surge recover and MD low carb.

Ideally I’d go straight for Surge work out fuel and MAG-10 but it’ll be a year or two till I’ve the cash for a decent diet AND supps of that level.

Some good points to think of there BIP thanks

No problem.

One more thing to think about - most people have no idea how much room they have in their budgets. If someone told me a year ago that I would be spending the same amount of money while eating more and using MAG-10, Anaconda and SWF on a daily basis I would have laughed.