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Metabolic Drive or GNC Whey?

what makes the Metabolic Drive whey any better than the whey to can buy at like Gnc.does it really matter?

Well it is cheaper than the stuff at GNC and probably has higher quality whey so yeah I would say it matters.

I doubt that the products in GNC contain micellar casein.

On top of what has been said, go ahead and try the GNC products - if you are one of the very lucky FEW, you will not shit your guts out.

Metabolic Drive taste superb, mixes well, is great quality and DOES NOT upset your stomach - which is the most important thing for me. Nothing worse than going for a workout when you have to make trips to the bathroom every 10min because of your supplements.

i was gonna ask if he was on about Metabolic Drive! forgot it was previously called lo carb Grow!

i think you have to bear in mind the quality of the actual protein involved here too CROD266… its micellar casein protein which has been found to produce better results when repairing and building.

i know for a fact that people with Krohns (sp) disease regularly go onto a product called Modulin B which is made mostly with casein protein and other nutrients as it is the easiest way for such people to get what they need, without having to have intravenous treatments. casein protein is reported to actually repair the stomach lining and nerves and vessels of the intestinal tract.

you try mixing up a shake of both Met.Drive and a generic GNC product and tell me this:

  1. which one mixes better
  2. which one tastes better
  3. which one (longer term) you respond to

i am 90% sure that you will respong better to the Metabolic Drive mate…

Just to make sure you guys know what Casein is:

Casein (from Latin caseus “cheese”) is the most predominant phosphoprotein found in milk and cheese. When mixed with acids, the increased acidity causes milk proteins (casein) to tangle into solid masses (curdle), or “curds”. The rest, which contains water soluble whey proteins, is the “whey”.

In cows milk, 80% of the proteins are caseins.

Casein is relatively hydrophobic, making it poorly soluble in water. It is found in milk as a suspension of particles called casein micelles which show some resemblance with surfactant-type micellae in a sense that the hydrophilic parts reside at the surface. The caseins in the micelles are held together by calcium ions and hydrophobic interactions.

Purified casein protein is water insoluble. While it is also insoluble in neutral solutions, it is readily dispersable in dilute alkalis and in salt solutions such as sodium oxalate and sodium acetate.

Bottom line; Casein and whey are both produced from curdling milk. The casein (curds) are insoluble and are used for products such as cottage cheese, while the whey are the water soluble protein portion of milk.

The term micellar just describes the nature of the casein globules and does not have any other special meaning. If the casein product is water soluble then they must be adding something to make it so.

So my advice to you is to just eat some cottage cheese and drink your milk and save your money and buy a power rack.

Just my opinion,