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Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth


Just wondering if anyone has used MDMG as well as the old MD Complete and how the new formula stacks up compared to the old one.

The old MD complete was the best protein powder I've ever used.

Thinking about picking up a bottle or two of the new formula, but I'm just wondering if anyone has noticed any differences with regards to taste, texture, thickness, etc?


I REALLY like it. I think the new chocolate tastes better than the old chocolate. It also seems a little smoother. Oddly enough, a 280 cal shake feels pretty filling. I usually have it with some fish oil and berries (not mixed in).

Vanilla is still bleh IMO though.


It tastes way better than the previous version, plus the formula from what i understand has improved. To me the Classic Grow! MRP, which was two versions ago was some of the best tasting stuff ever, but this is pretty close to that version IMO.


it's good shit. It's better than Metabolic Drive Complete... chocolate is amazing.


Thanks guys. I'm not a fan of the Metabolic Drive Low Carb chocolate...too sweet for my tastes. It's not similar to that, is it?

The old Metabolic Drive Complete was super thick, which I really liked. Most proteins that mix up thick like that turn out really chalky as well, but that wasn't the case with this. Will have to pick up some Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth (too many letters!) soon.


Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth, much easier, lol.

I hear ya on Metabolic Drive Low Carb (easier too). Too strong sometimes, but I drink it anyways. :slightly_smiling:

As for Metabolic Drive Complete, I think it made a bit thicker shake than Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth does. With 3 scoops, the most water I'll put in is 12 oz.