Metabolic Drive + Milk Flavor

I’m not asking, I’m telling.

Low Carb Strawberry Metabolic Drive + Whole Milk is a fucking dessert, not a protein shake.

I’ve always gone with low carb chocolate, and honestly, never liked it that much. I stuck with it because chocolate tends to be a more versatile flavor. I’ll still keep it for mixing, but if I’m making a protein shake to wash down breakfast, it’s milk and strawberry.

Still need to find a good PWO shake though.

Glutamine, creatine, Grow!, cinnamon, and pretty much every packet of crystal light I’ve found doesn’t taste so good. It’s swallowable though.

Metablic Drive - caesin,
grow - whey

so if he wanted slower digesting Grow! isnt really an alternative…

I take Grow! in the morning and Metabolic Drive at night before bed…

When your not using milk, I think the chocolate is a lot better than strawberry, but with milk strawberry owns.