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Metabolic Drive in UK?


Hi all

I have been trying to source Metabolic Drive in the UK for a while now with varying degrees of success - increasingly it looks like the supply has dried up. Does anyone know why this might be? Are Biotest replacing Metabolic Drive with a new product and we're just using up the remaining stock in the UK waiting for the new product to be delivered? Are there customs issues?

an email I received from one site suggested Biotest were having issues obtaining the necessary certification for their milk based products - does this sound plausible? If so that sounds like supplies might be limited for some time until this issue is resolved, is there any timeframe to suggest this might be settled sooner rather than later?

If anyone has any solid info on this issue or is able to recommend a source for Metabolic Drive (other than ordering from the US - I can't afford to drop GBP500 plus on an order to make it a viable option) let me know! any and all replies are very much appreciated!



Authorised UK reseller.



Thanks for the reply - that's the first place I looked. Even this authorised reseller has no Metablic Drive in stock!


Google is your friend!




thanks for the reply but that doesn't help.

Of course I used Google to try and track this stuff down...all the places you can find on Google are either out of stock or charging an arm and a leg for it.

I wanted to know if anyone had any inside information about why there's so little stock in the UK at the moment rather than links to the most obvious places to search...


If you actually bothered to click the links you would find some were in stock, I won't always be here to hold your hand...


You're right - the websites SAY they have stock, but in actuality they don't have any...

That's the problem.

You order from these places because their websites say they have stock but then you get the inevitable email saying "oh sorry we've run out of that".

What I wanted to know was why the stock has run out, I thought I'd try here to see if anyone had some inside scoop on what the issue is - clearly no one does,but thanks for trying.