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Metabolic Drive Ice Cream?

it’s national ice cream week (or month?) and every show on food network is devoted to ice cream recipes today.

which got me thinking: anyone ever mix up some Metabolic Drive and throw it in their ice cream maker? if so, what happened?

i’ve done the peanut butter/Metabolic Drive mixture and put that in the freezer, and that’s awesome. but if i can make “real” Metabolic Drive ice cream with a machine, i may just go out and buy one today.

any have any recipes, stories, or experience with this?

Or you could do like Cold Stone Creamery and just chop up a bunch of chunks of Metabolic Drive bars and mix those in with your ice cream.

Also, when I first read the title of your thread. I thought you were gonna make a suggestion that Biotest should be making Metabolic Drive protein-infused ice cream.