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Metabolic Drive GI Rating ?


Just wondering about the GI rating for both the Metabolic Drive powder and bars ?

Basically I'm trying to find out if they are High GI or Low GI.



Probably pretty low for the powder as it is low carb but I'd be interested in finding out/


This is where the GI fails. Metabolic Drive bars are food combinations. You would have to factor in the GI of the individual ingrediants and then compare them to the percentage of the bars weight, somehow calculating it all up to get a roundabout GI rating for the bar as a whole. You would have to know the exact ingrediant breakdown, including every odd ingrediant and the exact amount of each in the bar. I;m guessing that Biotest wouldn't freely give that information out.

Metabolic Drive itself should be fairly low, as it's low in carbs.

Can I ask why you care?


Because I'm trying to switch to low GI foods to reduce sugar spikes in my diet and smooth out my engery levels during the day, as previously when I have been eating whatever I tend to gravitate towards sugar which gives a me a lovely sine wave of energy during the day, so 1 hour to the next I could be tremendously sleepy and the next wide awake after i've had somethign sugary. It's a horrible cycle and I'm trying to break it.


Well, you could get yourself a glucometer and check your blood sugar with each new food.

I did this a few years back and it was actually painless (virtually) and fun.

I'd do a finger poke and a reading just before I ate a particular food and then do subsequent readings at 15 minutes post meal, 30, 45, and 60 minutes.

A "good" food will take you from a baseline of about 70 to around 110 a half hour later and then bring you back close to your starting point after an hour.

Worst food I ever tested? Special K, the "dieter's cereal."

While Metabolic Drive protein is formulated to have a smooth curve, I'm uncertain as to what the bars will do. For sure they'd show a much better response than a conventional candy bar or protein bar, but it might not be ideal.


Thanks for the feedback TC :slight_smile:


My GI says MM MMM Good.

Two sphincters up.


Where did you get the glucometer?


CVS / Walgreens, etc.