Metabolic Drive + German Creatine

I’ve been using both of these Biotest products for nearly a month now. I’m curious about the necessity to cause an insulin spike to transport creatine to muscle tissue. I have only a basic understanding of this whole process.

I ordered the Metabolic Drive specifically because of the low cal/low sugar content, but I’ve been mixing the creatine in this shake. Every morning I take two scoops of Metabolic Drive and one scoop of creatine mixed with water. I drink the same thing after my workout or around dinner time on off days.

My question is this: Is the creatine getting where it needs to go by mixing only with the Metabolic Drive or do I need to add something with more sugar to get the most out of the creatine?

A little background: Of course I want to increase LBM and lose fat. However, in my current state (around 19% bf) cutting fat is my priority. I am currently trying to maximize fat loss while retaining (or even gaining) as much LBM as possible. I have been working out for about 4 months now and have substantially increased in strength. According to an electrical impedance test I’ve gone from about 24%bf to about 19%bf while only losing about 3 lbs. It’d be really nice to see single digit BF, but realistically I’m shooting for 12 to 14 and then maybe focus more on strength than fat loss.

I had a similar thing happen to me last year. I was taking protein and creatine together and while my lifts went up and i lost fat, i wasn’t really gaining solid muscle mass. as soon i as i let up a little bit, my strength dropped.
SOLUTION- you’re wanting to cut fat, so an easy way is to cut carbs during the week and have a couple (2!) cheat meals over the weekend and reload.

if you’re not familiar with this sort of diet, its easy to find on T-Nation. your post workout recovery drink -USE ORANGE JUICE OR A BLUEBERRY / POMEGRANITE and a little bit of water. this will enhance absorption for your post work out. any other time you take creatine, i think mixing in water is fine and have seen fine results this way.

Even during a fat loss cycle the one time a high glycemic insulin kick is wanted would be post workout. Provided the workout was intense enough to warrant the spike and accompanying shuttling of protein/aminos and creatine into the muscle cells. Metabolic Drive with your Creatine is totally fine for this, but Surge combined with your Creatine would be ideal.