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Metabolic Drive Formula Change?


My latest order arrived yesterday, the Metabolic Drive smells and tastes a little different than the last order, a little weaker flavor IMO.

Anyone else notice this?


Low Carb or Complete?

I got both a month ago and they taste ok to me. I just put in a new order and will see if the taste changed at all.


I've noticed minor changes over time...but nothing recently. I just received a new order so when I'm done with the current stuff, I'll have to see if the new stuff is any different.


Is it still tasty? :X


Its still good, but the density is different, the texture is different, the scoop is smaller, and it reminds me more of the taste that it had back in the day, years ago, although it still does not get as thick as that old formulation did.

This is good still, but I was becoming more and more partial to the taste of Chocolate Metabolic Drive as time went on, so I'm having to adjust to this. Not sure if I think its better or worse.

Of course, this is the same discussion we always have when they change things up a bit, and its usually met by the same response, i.e. Biotest found a higher quality form of protein to use, or something along those lines.


Well I don't know if this will get me in trouble because it's just speculation on my part. The price increase in milk products(like protein) might have prompted a slight change. Don't quote me on this since I haven't seen a difference and don't know the behind the scenes, just my guess.


I ordered some last fall, last winter/spring, the past two months; they all taste the same to me


I think there is more whey in the product. I got two tubs (Banana and Vanilla) and they are both more "finely ground" than the older formula.

Taste is fine in Banana, but the Vanilla seems a lot different to me. Not as thick and milkshake-like.

Not bad, but in my opinion, not as good as it was...

Kinda disappointing and I'm going to reconsider the cost of Metabolic Drive now. It's not the label price that bothers me, it's the shipping costs. I used to just "eat" the shipping cost because I loved the product so much, but this formula change might change my allegiance to Metabolic Drive.


I can't remember when the last change was, believe it was over a year ago though. But gradually, the new formula will replace the old, and if you keep ordering, you'll get the new stuff.

Perhaps it is indeed due to the increasing cost of protein. Maybe Biotest had to either find a more economical supplier or raise the price, and they chose the former. I dunno, its all speculation.

Again, its not bad. Just different.



changed as of this year..or like this week? how recent?

if its changed i am most definitely in trouble.
chocolate Metabolic Drive with a ton of ice is the healthiest, closest thing to chocolate ice cream i will ever have and its basically my bedtime snack every night.

Will Biotest or Mod somebody please explain.


Changed as in I just noticed this change and I order bi-monthly.


We have not changed the proteins we use in any of the Metabolic Drive products, nor have we altered the formulas to cut costs.

If you're noticing anything, it's probably just subtle variations between lots


Guys, to echo Mod Brian, we haven't changed anything.

Yes, our price has gone up considerably because of increases in the price of milk, but we've yet to pass on any cost increases to you, nor, I repeat, have we changed the formula.

Heck, we just won an award from Men's Health as the best protein powder. We'd be nuts to change anything now.



Glad you guys chimed in here.


Well, there's even a different scoop. As much as I am grateful the cost has not been passed on to us, it can't be denied that this lot is more than subtly different.

I'll still continue to devour the stuff, though.


I think the scoop just has the handle in the middle as opposed to at the top. Some of us forum members actually suggested this a while back and it looks like they listened. Crazy company this Biotest, listening to its customers like that.


? I've never paid a dime for shipping from Biotest, shipping is free over 150 bucks......... I stock up..... Its not like it is hard to spend 150 bucks in the store.


That was the version prior to this latest change. This newest Metabolic Drive has a smaller volume scoop, with the handle at the top of the scoop again.

Believe me folks, I go through enough Metabolic Drive to know when it changes. No matter how subtly.


The formula is less flour-like and is now more sand-like in consistency.

It's obvious.

Why is this being dismissed?


Ditto. Shipping is free with larger orders. Actually 'medium' orders depending on what you get. Don't think I've ever had to pay for shipping.

Tastes the same to me, BTW -- awesome as always!