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Metabolic Drive for 6 Y/O


Sometime ago, I read that casein wasn't so good for you. The article I read indicated something about certain ailments that developed over time, especially for children if they ingested alot of it.

This must be something that can be categorized as "overly paranoid", but I can't help remembering the above issue (but yet I can't remember where I read it!!)

Here's the question: in your opinion is there any reason not to give my son some Metabolic Drive once in awhile to supplement his diet? Darn kid won't eat meat; he's a grain and vegetable junkie and no matter how mean I am about it, he has a real hard time eating animal protein. (By the way, I've also tried being real nice about it too to get the little guy to eat that all important protein. Didn't work).

Oh, he can't get enough of a strawberry/bananna flavored concoction of Metablic Drive either.


buffd...first off, don't get too worked up about it because you're driving yourself crazy and likely stressing out your son too. Take it from me...I have a 5-1/2-year-old son who eats...well...NOTHING!

He drinks a ton of milk, peanut butter sandwiches, frozen waffles (w/p-butter) and not a whole hell of a lot more. He has only eaten a trace of meat since he was born...didn't even like it in baby food. I routinely toss in a little Metabolic Drive (half scoop) into his milk, along with a little fish oil. The only thing we have to watch for is occasional constipation. He's going to get his protein one way or another. Good luck.


Good question, and I'd like to know the answer too.

My son is 4 years old, and just like your boy, it's not easy to get him to eat meat unless it's hot dogs or stuffed inside a can of raviolli.

I give my boy a drink of my protein shake whenever I have one, so I probably give him an extra 6-8 grams of protein a day. I'm not too worried about the protein because it is derived from milk. And, I'd give him more, but I have wondered if all the protein or all the additional minerals would be hard on his little system.

I've also got a daughter who will occasionally take a sip, but since she's only 1, this is a pretty rare exception. Again, I've worried more about the minerals than the protein.

It'll be interesting to hear what others say.



You do realize Milk, Plain old milk is largely casien Right?? Does he drink milk and have children been doing so well FOREVER from mother or cows??LOL

I say your doing a few 100% better than these parents blindly shoning all those soy laden baby formulas down their kids hatches.

I say go for just dont over due it. Maybe run it past his doc if you have one worth a shit, and lead by example. keep trying to have the lil bugger. eat Varied food source even stuff you may not like. Lead by example if you dont have JUNK in the house for him to eat he'll have to eat good food. Fruits veggies, dairy, eggs, real food. He's going to get hungry and eat. Better it be good food now. from as many source as he will try. itll lead to good habits in the future.

Good luck bro.




If children are drinking milk they don't need to be given protein supplements. I would certainly not give any to an infant of 1 years old. My son is 3 he doesn't like meat much so I do him an egg on toast and some milk and he has a few baked beans with it.

For older kids I'd try and get them to eat scrambled eggs and stuff if they won't eat meat.


lol, if you'd give him meat(if I were you, I'd force it down his throat, meat being as important as it is), there'd be no reason not to give him MD.


Don't worry, I've two kids and their likes and dislikes change a lot from time to time. Just wait long enough and something is bound to change.
E.g., my 1 yr old son will not eat eggs under any circumstance. Unless, of course, he's strutting back and forth through the kitchen while I'm eating my omelette - then he's more than happy to come over and take a few small bites like a puppy, going back to his toys after each bite. :slight_smile:

I'd say don't be too "mean" to your kid, be smart instead. My 4 yr old son won't eat enough vegetables (opposite from yours), but of course he's not going to detect vegetables that were mashed through the blender then added to his favorite foods. See? Smart, not mean.

You can also be a bit flexible and adapt to his preferences just a little. Mushrooms for example are a great source of protein for a vegetarian.

Metabolic Drive seems like overkill. If he drinks milk and he eats cheese then he's probably getting more or less enough protein.
Don't worry, no kid is going to starve himself.

Just my $0.02


Here's one, my son won't eat meat we make for him in like a meat and vege's dish, but he will eat the burger out of a mcdonalds hamburger and discard the bread bun. What gives ?