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Metabolic Drive Flavors


My protrain powders are running low,

What do you guys think about strawberry and orange flavors?

what do you usually mix your MRP with?



I've never tried the orange because I hate orange-flavored drinks in general.

The strawberry is good. My only problem is that all strawberry protein powders always have a "mechanical" after taste. I don't know how else to describe it. But Strawberry Metabolic Drive smells and tastes like Strawberry Quik.

I only use water.

I have used milk in the past (makes it creamier and better tasting), but I just don't like milk anymore.


I've switched brands since Biotest has decided to not stock vanilla or chocolate. When they stock the flavors I want, I'll switch back. Until then, I'm buying from someone else.


I have tried all of the flavors of Metabolic Drive. The following is my ranking from best to worst tasting (worst not meaning they taste bad, just not as good as the ones before it)

  1. Banana
  2. Strawberry
  3. Vanilla
  4. Orange
  5. Chocolate

I can live without Vanilla or Chocolate. Take away Banana and I'll be pretty pissed...


Banana cream all the way! I figured it would sell out first it's so good.


My favorite is mixing the top 2 on your list together, goooood stuff.

I agree about the vanilla and chocolate, they don't compare to banana or strawberry.

I think it would be cool if Biotest could incorporate the flavors of the Metabolic Drive Bars into protein powders. Cookie dough protein powder would rock. Either that or I could just try throwing a Metabolic Drive Bar into the blender... I dunno how that would work


Having experience with cookie dough flavored protein powders (optimum nutrition's 100% whey) the taste is great at first but it grows old very quickly and after a week you begin to get sick of it. just my opinion.


I think one of the mods addressed this in another thread. They mentioned that having flavors like Rocky Road or Cookie Dough in a shake would not work because the shakes need to completely dissolve. Those flavors would be chunky, similar to some other brands out there (ON for example) and that just wouldn't meet Biotest's standards. I do agree that the flavors would be good, they just need to find a way to have that flavor without the chunks.

I'm sure other flavors are on the horizon. Lemon Cream would be good. Maybe even Coconut Cream. You can simlulate coconut flavor without actual flakes of coconut, so there is that possibility.


See if you guys understand this.


I'm tired of seeing that.Must be repackaging,or reformulating,or price changes.Do you care to guess?


Why wouldn't we understand that? Plus this has been discussed in many other threads. Mod Brian indicated it was due to a shortage in the raw materials that is causing the delay.

I don't doubt it. There are shortages of a lot of things right now across the board for every industry, especially the one I work in. If you want to make up for the shortage faster, you pay more, which is not something Biotest wants to do.


muscle milk cookies n cream TASTES really good....... its like blended up cookies


Plus it full of crappy canola oil.

I'm still amazed that people would by a protein supplement that's filled with this stuff. Those people are marketing geniuses.


But it has the word "muscle" in the name. I can't be bad for you!!! [/sarcasm]