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Metabolic Drive Feedback

I am new to this forum, i was wondering if anyone out there had some feedback for me on Metabolic Drive it doesnt list any BCAA’s and those are important to me. also i was thinking of supplementing NO2 black any user feedback on it would be good…

All proteins are made up of amino acids. They wouldn’t be proteins if they weren’t.

I’ve recently tried Metabolic Drive for the first time and found it incredible. It easily beats ON and all other proteins I’ve used. It tastes like a freakin desert or something.

Tastes great for sure, better than other protein powders I’ve used.

I can still detect the sucralose, though, but have come up with ways to mask it easily. For instance, with the Strawberry Metabolic Drive flavor I’ll add a shot glass of lime juice to balance it out. Or, with the Chocolate flavor I will add a TBSP of instant coffee and another TBSP of pure cocoa powder (which is great for the anti-oxidant benefit anyway).

Metabolic Drive is pretty damn good.

thanks for the info guys, basically im sold

I heart Metabolic Drive. Amazing taste, and a high quality blend of proteins. Don’t sweat it if it doesn’t pimp it’s BCAA content - it doesn’t need to.

And check out these two articles from Dave Barr before you buy any NO supplement.

Consumer Alert: The NO2/Arginine Scam

i bought the Metabolic Drive, ordered the chocolate flavor, im hoping for the best thanks for all the input

What Metabolic Drive do you guys recommend? I’m expecting my shipment of Grow! Whey to come in tomorrow (says fedex) and when my casein runs out in about a month, I think I’m gonna try Metabolic Drive Complete. Is there a real difference between regular Metabolic Drive and Metabolic Drive Complete?

I love both Metabolic Drive and especially Metabolic Drive Complete. The texture and flavor are great and make it really easy to drink. I find the Complete actually fills me up pretty well for 2-3 hours, which is really nice. I find it’s a little bit thicker and smoother than normal Metabolic Drive.

I’m a big fan of the Low-Carb Metabolic Drive, specifically the Chocolate and Banana flavors. I usually use one scoop of each in a shaker, or sometimes will throw 2 scoops of either into a bowl of oatmeal with some natural peanut butter (mmnn, mnn, good! -lol)