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Metabolic Drive Complete?


I was wondering if this product was comparable to Metabolic Drive Complete. I live in Canada and I heard it is very expensive and not reliable to try to order Metabolic Drive Complete across the border due to customs/cost $$$

It is called Drive Plus Meal Replacement powder. You can find it at this link:

Unless someone can point be towards a place in canada that sells Metabolic Drive Complete. Or feel free to point me towards a better supplement that is easily available in Canada.

Thanx for your input........


One thing about Metabolic Drive I prefer over other powders like Met-RX or Myoplex, both seemingly identical to Metabolic Drive, is that Metabolic Drive tastes better, and mixes better.


I looked at the link. It's a bullshit product!!
Look at the supplement facts for Drive plus. You get 17 servings per container. Each serving is two scoops (52grams) and ONLY provides 17.5g per serving.
That's a very poor percentage of protein in the product - 34%.

Metabolic Drive Complete is 50% protein by weight. That's where it needs to be at least!
All in all however it's roughly the same cost if you factor in shipping, tax, etc.

I've ordered from the Biotest store before (live in Vancouver bro so I know about customs). It is quite expensive, but not overly so. I ordered 3 Beta 7's and it cost me an extra $20 in customs/taxes. Not bad.

My suggestion is one of two things if you're so price inclined:

(Basically look at the ingredients of the product you're wanting to copy and build it yourself. You can add more micellar casien if you want, add L-Luecine, BCAA's, flax oil powder, hell even creatine to it if you want and then pick what flavor, sweetner used, and size of product. If you order 10-30lbs of it, it will save you on shipping costs overall; just a big chunk of change up front. And yea, you'll have to pay customs/brokerage/taxes, but it's still cheaper and at least you know the percentage of what protein type you're getting in your products! Little more money spend on half decent product is WAY better than little money spent on bullshit product!)

OR if you're willing to spend the money for a better product:
This site offeres shipping within Canada (from Missisauga, ON) so no customs charges! It's pretty sweet how they worked that out. It's in USD but you'll have no hidden charges later. What it says you'll pay for items plus shipping is all you'll pay.

Still think you should cop out the cash however and order the Metabolic Drive Complete from here but you're call.
Whatever you do, don't order that rip off, way inferior product that you posted a link too.


Oh, and one more thing...

If you're looking for other sites to order online from cuz we're in Canada (if not Biotest products) the top two are Reflex and Popeye's. You'll never pay any extra customs everything as they only ship within Canada.

They compete heavily with each other so it drives prices down and on both sites any order over $100 is free shipping. Otherwise it's just $6 for shipping.

Personally I'm more biased towards Reflex. I know a couple of the owners of stores here in Vancouver and they're good peoples!




sndcanada is a good site to order from in Canada also as they give small discounts the more you order