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Metabolic Drive Complete


Is my computer going haywire or are those the actual prices in the store? It says the Nalgene bottles are 24$ each and 26$ for two or more. Then it says Metabolic Drive Complete is 28$ up from 22.

Am I seeing this correctly? This is a sad Sunday if so. Metabolic Drive was a staple on all of my orders. Now I only get 3 tubs instead of 4 :frowning:

I may tear up.


I just noticed alot of products just got bumped up in price today :frowning:


Prices increased yesterday.

Curcumin jumped 50% and Z-12 quite a bit as well :frowning:


GAY! Im just glad FINiBARs price stayed the same...oh and I just started using Low-Carb Metabolic Drive last week(good stuff) and now the price goes up, WTF!


Damn it! I only have a LB or so of Metabolic Drive left and was just about to order some more. Guess I have to make what I have left last and savor every drink. I'm going to miss not having it for awhile. :frowning:


Haha wow. They jacked up the price on a lot of things. Surge Recovery is now 32 for 2. Guess I'ma have to cut back on some supps now.