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Metabolic Drive Complete Use


Hi I have heard many great things about the shake. On the Biotest description there is no recomended use, I was wondering how it should be made. Would I be able to mix it with milk, or how many scoops and how many ounces of liquid. Does it all depend on my preferences?


3 scoops of Metabolic Drive Complete has the same protein as 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive Low Carb - 40g. The amount of water you would use to mix is around 500mL or 2 cups. With the Metabolic Drive Complete, you can use a little more water as it is a little thicker due to the added carbs and fats. As for milk, it should only be mixed if you really want to have the extra carbs and protein and perhaps fat depending on which % you get.

The water option is the best and it is a thick shake as it is. Add a serving of a greens product, some nuts and a few fish oil pills and you have an extremely nutritious and balanced portable meal.


Thanks a lot.

And for the fish oil and nuts options, do you mean jsut add them in and blend it all together? I own Flameout if that works, or should I buy the liquid fishoil?

If I'm looking for all the calories I can get I should add 2 cups of milk with three scoops of Metabolic Drive?


Stick with Flameout man. Yes, if you are looking for max cals mix it with milk and add berries or whatever suits you.



nuts and fish oil on the side, but if you have a blender, i suppose you could mix the nuts in.

there are also many decent liuid fish oils that can be added, but you are using Flameout, so stick to that. macadamia oil is a tasty addition to Metabolic Drive Complete shakes, i prefer this to milk for calories and your body might too.