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Metabolic Drive Complete Size


Hey guys, I know many of you must use Metabolic Drive Complete. my question is, how long do you think a tub of it will last if you have 2 shakes a day? Seems like its not much servings per container...


At that rate about a week.


If my memory is correct, there are 18 servings per bottle.

I bet you can find this info in the store section, though.


15 servings in a tub. 2 shakes a day? 7.5 days, voila...

That means 4 tubs of Metabolic Drive Complete per month.

You can try putting a scoop of Grow! Whey with a scoop of Metabolic Drive Complete to stretch it out. I know it's not ideal.


You could also do two tubs of Metabolic Drive and one tub of Grow! Whey...to mix one scoop from Metabolic Drive and one Grow! Whey per shake, then add your own carbs or fats.

Believe it or not, meal-wise, it actually comes out slightly cheaper to drink the shakes than to prepare a nutritionally equivalent solid food meal. It's kinda funny.