Metabolic Drive Complete- a Question

it’s not so much a matter of lack of money to justify buying something where with milk added would give me a great meal for only $2.50, i’m fine with that.

my deal is, i’m always looking for the best deal. so the question is pose is, if i make a smoothie consisting of 1 scoop Grow! whey, 1 serving cottage cheese, 1 serving oats, and 1 serving superfood,

Is the profile really going to be so much greater that i’m missing out on something, or is it just the taste i’m missing out on? (i’ve had MDC before and it was the best tasting protein powder i’ve ever tasted and probably ever will)

the “home brew” gives me approx.
40g protein
27-30g carbs
5g fat
6g fiber

you’ll be just fine. The “home brew” sounds like a decent shake idea, and all the better if it’s saving you $$