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Metabolic Drive Chocolate Mint


I've never bought Metabolic Drive until about 2 weeks ago. I'm on a cutting phase and I have found the shakes are super thick and keep me full even though you just mix them with water.

I just read a recipe somewhere on this site from Shugs I think...and it is awesome. If you haven't tried this you should.

2 scoops choc Metabolic Drive
1 tsp mint extract
a ton of ice and just enough water to get the blades moving

It tastes like mint chochlate chip ice cream and has a thick icy texture.

I know this has already been posted, but couldn't believe how good it was and wanted others to try it. I may not be fat anymore, but I still am a fat kid at heart!


I tried it once and I found it pretty bad… but I used a lot of water and no ice… I’ll try it again


Add into that some frozen spinach instead of the ice. Trust me it tastes good and you get a thicker texture.