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Metabolic Drive Bars v2?

After cautiously trying a box of each type of Metabolic Drive bars, I immediatley became addicted to the chocolate chunk flavor. Unlike most other protein bars, they didn’t require more calories to chew than what was in the bar, and they went a long way toward helping me control my sweet tooth while cutting.

In my most recent order, my box of bars was, like, WAY softer than before. It was heaven. Honestly, it was like eating a 3 Musketeers bar, except slightly thicker and with chocolate chunks.

The packaging and the site didn’t mention anything about changing them up though. I’m just going to say that if this was unintended, please make these bars softer like this from now on! And if it was intended, thanks Biotest!

Has anyone else noticed this?

I’ll let you know. I should be getting some of them tomorrow or Monday…

on that note, has anyone not been receiving shipping tracking with their orders lately>

I made an order of these a month ago. My first time trying them and I enjoyed both. I like the cookie slightly better. I’ve tried over 10 different brands (various flavours) of protein bars and Metabolic Drive bars are currently my favourite. I love it that my jaw is not getting a workout.

Tracking is excellent, no problems with it.

My last box of the cookie dough was softer but the bars still taste great maybe a little better. My only thought is that they either tweaked the bars or maybe another place is making them.

I may have to try the chocolate one, I prefer the cookie dough, but if they chocolate bars are softer, I will have to get a box again.

You know, I thought I noticed something with my cookie dough bars, but couldn’t put my taste buds on it.

“Good stuff for bettering stuff.”