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Metabolic Drive Bars:Tasty, But Good?

What do you guys think of the Metabolic Drive bars from a nutritional standpoint? I think they taste awesome, but I’m a little concerned that the ingredients amount to a candy bar that happens to have protein in it. If you look at the ingredient list, the first one is the protein blend, which we all know is great. But the rest of the bar is a lot of junk, right?:

coating (contains: sugar, fractionated palm kernal oil, cocoa powder, whey powder, nonfat milk powder, soy lecithin (emulsifier) natural flavor), glycerin, maltitol syrup, vanillla cookie piece (contains: wheat flour, sugar, partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil, sodium bicarbonate, and soy lecithin), cookie bits (contains: wheat flour, sugar, canola oil, cocoa (processed with alkali), salt and sodium bicarbonate), hydrolyzed collagen, canola oil, water, polydextrose, EnergySmart ® (contains: fruit juice, natural grain dextrin), natural and artificial flavor, salt, caramel color, sucralose.

I mean, the energysmart is the last ingredient, so it’s the smallest component and probably a negligible amount of the carbs. But sugar, palm oil, artificial flavors, etc?

They taste good, and a lot of those ingredients are added to such bars because it makes them last longer (I think). They hold up well for a long period of time.

However, after trying Metabolic Drives bars, I still prefer to get in real food: why not low sodium jerkey (without nitrate/nitrites), a low fat cheese stick, some fish oil and almonds? Maybe throw in a couple tabs of Fiber Choice. More filling for me, at least.

What are you expecting from a commercial protein bar?

It’s not going to have the same nutritional value as if you made your own protein bars :shrug:

they do taste awesome though.

would love to try one of the Metabolic Drve bars if I could find them in a store. I’ve been addicted to the Supreme Mass bars recently (low carb, of course) but I always welcome competition.