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Metabolic Drive Bars: Changed Again...for the Better!


I eat a ton of MD bars.
These babies are so convenient for me when I'm on the go. Truthfully though, I began to get a little tired of the taste and texture.
Low and behold, the latest bars, specifically the cookie dough version, are different.. and alot better in my opinion! They are alot softer and taste even more like a damn candy bar than ever before! Wow...I am impressed.
I haven't tried to chocolate chunk version...did those change recently as well?


I cant speak on if they changed the MD bars, but they did change the taste and texture of the FINiBARs for the better. So its likely that they did change the MD bars as well. Props for continuous improvement to products and never being satisfied with the status quo.


Have you guys looked at the ingredients for those. They have partially hydrogenated oil and wheat in it even those are supposed to be bad for you. Many claim these to be way healthier than other bars. Seems funny that they would have those in the ingredietns. I was kinda suprised.


Moreover they tasted just like any protein bar I've picked up from any gas station. Nothing groundbreaking.


I think the biggest reason to go with MD bars over the majority of the others, is the protein.
Pretty sure the majority of protein bars, especially in gas stations, are filled with crappy protein you either don't want (soy) or crappy protein your body can't use.

I've seen many times that Biotest employees even state that your typical healthy solid meal, is going to be better than a bar. You just can't package something like that, and have it be 100% healthy.


I don't get why it's so hard to make oats and whey or oats and casein... or use just splenda instead of the damn sugar alcohols that I see in every bar. Or make low carb bars by using a lot of fiber and increase the fat intake with nut butters. Why is that so difficult?

I know of one bar that is pretty damn legit and that's by Quest.


Yea all those crappy bars with Sugar Alcohols make me have gas and diarrhea.

Clif bars on the other hand, are amazing.


Bars need the carbs in order to have consistency and not be gooey (that or fat).

As far as the partially hydrogenated oils, they are only in the cookie dough flavor :wink:


Love the new chocolate FINiBARs. They almost didn't restock in time for me to take some with me to Disney world. The kids get clif bars. They are great, but FINiBARs are better. I was so desparate when Biotest was out of stock on FINiBARs that I had to replace a few FINiBAR occasions with clif bars.

MD drive bars have what, 20g of whey/casein and FINiBARs have 13 g of whey? I think the FINiBARs taste so good, I may just stick with them...


They should be..they are basically glorified candy bars..let's be honest.