Metabolic Drive and Weight Loss

I am hopefully getting somewhat near the end of my weight loss process, i still have a way to go though, i lost about 95 pounds in the last year by dropping pop and junk food,and going low carb. I still want to lose another 25 or so pounds, I am about 6’3" i was 341 last fall, i am about 245 right now.

I am just to the point where i have been able to actually start working out, i am wondering about Metabolic Drive or other protien shakes, will they help me gain a little muscle or stop me from keeping on losing strength,but not in any way make me gain weight or fat back? i want to start getting muscle but after working so hard to lose the weight i want zero risk of gaining it back at all.

cliff notes: lost alot of weight, wondering if Metabolic Drive will hurt any further wieght loss

For sure they will help if your protein intake is inadequate. The are a nice easy and well tasty way to get in protein.

Anything in Excess above and beyond what you burn will make you gain weight…

In short no it wont hurt and will likely aid in preservation and building of quality lean mass. Protein in general has along with the aminos needed to build muscle a High TEF ( thermic Effect of food) its very expensive to digest. Metabolic Drive being a blend of casein and whey give both a fast and sustained release keeping you satisfied longer as well a rich pool of aminos in the blood to halt your body from having to catabolize muscle tissue

You might look into proper post w/o supplementation a fast acting protein and carbs like Surge. Do some reading. Look at the Protein Roundtables, Solving the Post w/o puzzle 1 and 2 etc etc
come back with any ?'s

Thats very basic but the gest of it
Hope it helps,