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Metabolic Drive and Syntha-6

Which one should I get? I found Syntha-6 on allstarhealth for a cheaper price than Metabolic Drive.

Metabolic Drive.


Metabolic Drive, the other one is a joke, there is a reason it is cheaper, look at the ingredients.

there are a handful of products that are comparable to Metabolic Drive with respect to protein quality, however, none of them have the combination of low price and good taste. the ones that taste good are more expensive than Metabolic Drive and the ones that cost the same don’t taste anywhere near as good.

Metabolic Drive.

The problem with Syntha-6 is that it doesn’t know whether it wants to be a fast or slow-digesting protein, so it decided to be both. So rather than having a great PWO product or a great bedtime protein, you have a product that does a mediocre job of both.

Metabolic Drive is a great bedtime protein but you’re wasting your money if you’re using it post-workout.