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Metabolic Drive and Superfood


I am thinking about combining these two into a shake. Has anyone tried this combination? What does it taste like (with the strawberry shake)? What else can I/should I add to this.

Yes, I will go home and try it, but I am looking for some other opinions.



I do it with chocolate every day. Tastes great.

Typically I start the day with almond milk + Metabolic Drive + Superfood + almond butter.

Full disclosure: I'm not really in it for the taste, but rather the nutritional value. That being said, my 4 year old loves it. Even my 6 year old, who is the worlds pickiest eater, will ask to take a sip now and then.


I haven't made it into a shake, but Greek yogurt, vanilla Metabolic Drive, and Superfood make a nice pudding.


Been eating that combo for years...Metabolic Drive (1 scoop van, 1 scoop choc) plain nonfat yogurt and a handful of almonds with 2 oz of water makes a great meal morning, noon or night.
Team it with a Quest Protein bar (20 grams of whey isolate, only 4 grams of carbs with no sugar or sugar alcohols), and you've got about 80 grams of WPI in a single meal with very low carb and sugar.


I don't care about taste anymore I just mix it hold my nose and drink.


almond butter+ choc whey + almond milk + Superfood= heaven