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Metabolic Drive and Degrading?

In lots of recipes I see protein being added and cooked (most of the time its baked)…

I mainly use Metabolic Drive, but havent cooked with the protein…does it degrade?

and if it does in fact degrade…what are the negatives of this occurring?

Nothing to worry about bro, ppl cook with milk, cheese etc. It wont destroy the aminos and any degradation may benefit digestion


Cooking with protein will denature it, but those amino acids are still there, and your body still uses them. For most foods, this isn’t a big deal because the bottom line is putting those amino acids into your body, regardless of what state they’re in.

I do, however, have a personal preference when it comes to cooking with Metabolic Drive. You’re basically paying a premium for it to include the micellar casein and such so that it will be slower-digesting, and by cooking it you risk denaturing those micelles and turning it into a quicker-digesting protein, which would defeat the purpose of paying so much for it.

I’m not saying definitively that it will do bad things to your casein, I’m just saying why risk it with such a delicate protein?

great responses…so denature just means it changes its absorption profile…pretty much…

Any other info on the proteins or cooking with them or info about how they thicken and everything Itd be awesome to be able to read up on it