Metabolic Diet

Has anyone checked out Mauro Di pasquale’s new diet book “The Metabolic Diet”? What is it all about?

I’m awaiting a copy of the book now, which is basically his new version of the Anabolic Diet. Dr. DiPasquale has agreed to do an interview with me once I read it. I’ve heard it’s very much like the T-Dawg diet. It also contains a section with a detailed explanation of how to figure out your optimal carb intake (instead of just saying, "eat 30 grams of carbs per day.) Should be interesting.

I bought the book, read it front to back and my overall opinion is it sucks. He is very redundant, repeating the same things over and over again its not written very smoothly like the Zone or Protein Power. Mauro’s book reads like a Canadian text book, short and choppy sentences and every other word is the “metabolic diet is the greatest”. Oh and his sample diet plans are horrible like bacon and eggs with oj come on that will never get me lean in a million years > overall rating, 2 out of 5