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Metabolic Diet

Has anyone tried using Mauro Di Pasquale’s Metabolic Diet? I would like to hear opinions on it if there are any.

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Dang, Brent, you beat me to the punchline! :-)SRS

We really should talk to TC about making newcomers go through a special learning process before being allowed to post. ;0

TC t-dawg diet is very simalar and people have had awesome results off of that. The metabolic diet book is a great scource of info but if you want the straight nuts and bolts of the diet look at the T-dawg diet version 2.0 it’s not the same exact, but you will get great results from it!

BTW: I think it’s rear to get into single digit bodyfat while eating bacon, sausage, and lots of cheese like is recomended by many low carb diets!

Quite the contrary, there are some substantial differences between the two diets which is why the question was asked in the first place. For example, the T-Dawg diet allows you to vary your carb intake on certain days while the Metabolic Diet doesnt. Yes the difference between 70 grams and 100 grams may not be alot, but compared to 30 grams everyday for 12 days, I think it is. There is also an assessment phase that the T-Dawg doent have. According to Mauro, this allows the body to prefer fat as a consistent source of energy regardless of activity. This doesnt happen with T-Dawg.
There is also moderation in carbs once the Metabolic Shift has happened. Carbs are individually set, something that doesnt happen with T-Dawg.
Yes there are some similarities, but the differences are major ones. Yes I know how to use the search engine ya niblets :slight_smile: