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Metabolic Diet

Wondering what everyones thought of Dr DiPasquali’s Metabolic Diet? Been doing the Anabolic Diet w/ limited success. I like how he tailors the diet to individuals needs. Been doing low carbs of some sort for a long time and I hate feeling flat and looking small all the time. I’m following the basics of the book and adding carbs post-workout. Anyone else follow low carbs except post-workout. If so what were your results. Basically German Body Comp in the morning 4x week. Post-workout Myoplex, Scoop Protein Powder and Scoop Maltodextrix. Approx 60g prot and carbs. 4 other meals 8oz. 90% beef patties, 1st 2 w/ 2cups green beans, last 2 w/out. Approx 240g prot, 85g carbs and 80g fat. Non-workout days instead of myoplex just have another meal of beef w/ green beans. Feel my muscles stay fuller this way, so I feel and look better, and still have plenty of fat to promote fat loss. Using MD6 3x day, and 1 day Carb up on Saturday. Trying to get from around 11%bf to 5-6%bf asap. Any feedback would be appreciated.

To be frank I thought the new book “Metabolic Diet” is a rip-off. In fact I wrote and told the author that. It seems to me to yield nothing new whatsoever and whats worse gives no credits to Dan D. or Lyle.McD. for their contributions to this type of diet. My advice to anyone who has not yet bought it is to give it a miss. As before the principals are sound and for the fat loss diet , certainly work. For MASS GAIN, HAVE YOU TRIED TO EAT THE REQUIRED CALORIES WITH ALL THAT FAT. I nearly made myself ill. From my own experiences, I now gain on a 40/30/30 and diet down on a 30Protien/70 fat and NO carb diet. I find this works well for me. By the way for assistance, I always use spiropent, nothing else. 1 tap for 2 days, 2 for 2 days, 4 for 2 days and then 6 a day for a further 2 weeks, then stop and start a mass cycle again. JR.

John, what is spiropent? I’ve never heard of this before.

Chris. Spiropent is trade name for Clenbuteral. It is a drug prescribed for asthma and will give you a nasty dose of the shakes if you take too much too soon. You may well get the same results with MD-6 without the side effects. JR.