Metabolic Diet Startup / Messup

Hi all. Started the anabolic diet a week ago friday (or at least I thought), turns out the sugar free jello the wife bought me was pudding and not jello and I didn’t know the pudding has 14g carbs and the jello has 0g…so, I was having two of the puddings a day for about five of my first seven days (noticed it last wed., been <30g carbs since then).

Question is, should I continue the <30g through next weekend and up the the following weekend (Sept 2) which would be 16 days low carb? or carb up next weekend? I can’t say that I feel I’m fat adapted yet nor have I crashed, judging by what my body feels like, and the last thing I want to do is pull the trigger too soon.

Little background…in Jan of '07 I had enough (6’1", 185, little to no definition, working out 4 times a week) so I started the Abs Diet on MH. In less than two months I was down 13 pounds to 172, but by June I had not put on any muscle and went back up to 175. I was using whey pw during this whole time (not that that’s the solution, just letting you know).

Beginning of July I switched from isolation workout moves to combinations (squats, dl, bench, pull-ups, abs, etc) and trying a bit of the carb cycling outlined on T-Nation got up to my current weight of 179 with the nearly the same definition as I had at 172. I want more!!! More size, more definition!!! In the past, I’ve always felt that carbs are the helium and my body the balloon…give me carbs, I swell like a college freshman.

I’m convinced this anabolic diet will work, just need your advice on my screw up during these early stages. Thanks all…by the way, I’ve read through the first 30 pgs or so of the ongoing thread about the anabolic diet (200+ pages, going to be a lot of long nights reading all that!!!). Below is a typical day of eating…


Meal 1:
2 fish oil (Flameout)

Meal 2:
natural peanut butter

Meal 3: pre-work out
turkey/chicken breast
whey protien (30g)
string cheese

PWO-whey protien (30g)

Meal 4:
salad - lettuce, cheese, tuna, cucumber, olive oil, 1000 island dressing

Meal 5:
Salmon steak or ribeye
veggies (broccoli, cauliflower)

meal 6:
jello (NOT PUDDING!!!)
heavy whipping cream

The diet will work for you. Just give it time.

I suggest you do the extra week just for the piece of mind. “Missing” a carb up that you should have had will be much less disastrous than to carb up too early. Take it as a learning experience to keep better track of our carbs. You should know just by looking at pudding that it has carbs in it… :slight_smile:

By the way, your meal 6 sucks above. A good way to stave off hunger is to eat a more filling meal closer to bedtime. It’s ok to have a snack, but throw in a Metabolic Drive shake too.

thanks for the reply, usually I do have more for meal 6 (maybe some turkey breast or a protien shake like you say and 2 more Flameout) depends on how I feel.

kickhos, I too am from Iowa and I started the AD program on June 12th. Things are going well for me. Go ahead and do another week of low carbs before you start your re-feed. Re-feeds are important, but better carbs(sweet potatoes, brown rice etc.) are better than the bad carbs (ice cream, doughnuts etc.) You will learn all too quick. I had my total exhaustion about a week ago. Kinda of a delayed reaction, but my “pump” in gym last night was awesome. Its a great program. Ask alot of questions. Alot of ladies are doing it also over at MWA. Check it out!

Good Luck!


I’m now 6 days into the initial low carb run (do first carb up on Sept. 1 do to mess up). At this point I feel like I’m putting fat on? for some reason. Definately haven’t experience the immediate weight loss or decrease in measurements that most others proclaim.

Yesterday was about 2900 cals, maintenance for me is about 3000 I believe so I think I’m pretty close to where I should be. I’m not sure what my BF% is, I can see my abs when flexed but not relaxed so I’d have to say less than 15%. I’m supposed to get my calipers today so I’ll hopefully have a better estimate tonight. Like to be at 10%.

My biggest (or should I say smallest) problem area is my legs. Never really lift legs hard until about 2 mo. ago, so they are a work in progress. If I get brave, I’ll maybe attach some photos.

Workout regimen right now is total body 3x per week (squats, deads, pull-ups, bench, military press, dips, rows, shrugs, v-sit, russian twist, weighted crunch) and HIIT 2-3x per week.

Is this sufficient for adding lean muscle mass or would I be better off with a push pull w/o? I usually do 3x10 with 1 minute rest between sets for all exercises. Is there a better repsxsets combo for what I’m after?

If you are using the AD to gain lean mass you can probably cut out most or all of the cardio. You really won’t need it and it may set you back. The workout looks good enough though.

As to the feeling of gaining weight, it’s fairly common. Your body is likely not used to such a large fat intake. If you are having bloating issues be weary of taking in an abundance of cheese.